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Stand 1. Technologies To The People
Stand 2. Electroboutique
Stand 3. Recetas Urbanas
Stand 4. Ready.Scapes
Stand 5. Ulises I
Stand 6. Time Notes Bank
Stand 7. Transnational Republic
Stand 8. DemoKino
Stand 9. Molleindustria
Stand 10. Artvertiser
Stand 11. Smart Citizen
Stand 12. Chic Point
Stand 13. TaxiLink
Stand 14. Burak Arikan

Stand 5.
Ulises I  
(Mexico DF)
Colectivo Espacial Mexicano

Ulises I is a citizen project for the design, construction and launch of a satellite, conceived as a work of art. The launch will be carried out by Interorbital Systems, situated in California. The satellite will be in polar orbit at an altitude of 300km for four months, broadcasting on an amateur wavelength. There will be five terrestrial bases monitoring Ulises I.
Ulises proposes a poetic, minimalist progression, a citizen effort of Mexican origin, even before Mexico had a space agency.
The mission of the Colectivo Espacial Mexicano is to establish processes in the reality of citizens’ use of space, by generating art and space projects in a collective way, and establishing processes to change the conversation and parameters with regard to Mexico's future.
Creative City Fair ® is a joint venture between
Psychoeconomy and Technologies To The People.

Creative City International Fair Cibeles 2013/14
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