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"The best-prepared cities will enjoy the most opportunities in the future.
The Creative City International Fair puts Madrid at the centre of knowledge solutions
for smart cities, with the celebration of this global event."

The Creative City International Fair Cibeles 2013/14 presents new social structures, artists and companies that are resisting the hypercartography of new communication and control agents; they attempt to break free from old capitalism, corporate, state nation and brand models, by creating networks of mutual dependence, solidarity, the defense of shared ideals, e.g. the environment, sustainable development, democracy; by giving priority to individuals, and promoting social equality; by offering sensitive and subjective alternatives in the face of the prevailing monitoring system and exchange models.
One of the main characteristics of the Fair is the support it provides to productive social sectors, professionals, artists, collectives and entrepreneurs. Because of this, in order to face the challenges of

globalization and prepare for the demands of the market, it combines organizational experience, innovation, technological development and competitiveness.
The Fair is the fruit of the collaboration of more than 15 companies and institutions from all over the world, with the institutional support of the Madrid City Government.
Creative City Fair ® is a joint venture between
Psychoeconomy and Technologies To The People.


creative city fair


Stand 1.
Technologies To The People
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Daniel García Andújar
Stand 2.
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Alexei Shulgin
Stand 3.
Recetas Urbanas
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Santiago Cirugeda
Stand 4.

(San Pablo)
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Rachel Rosalen y Rafael Marchetti
Stand 5.
Ulises I

(México DF)
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Colectivo Espacial Mexicano
Stand 6.
Time Notes Bank

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Gustavo Romano
Stand 7.
Transnational Republic

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Georg Zoche
Stand 8.

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Janez Janša
Stand 9.
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Paolo Pedercini
Stand 10.

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Julian Oliver
Stand 11.
Smart Citizen

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Sensores ciudadanos
Stand 12.
Chic Point

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Sharif Waked
Stand 13.

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Lila Chitayat y Alon Chitayat
Stand 14.
Burak Arikan

(Estambul / Nueva York)
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Creative City International Fair.
Cibeles 2013/14

Plaza de Cibeles, 1 
28014 Madrid
Tel. +34 91 480 00 08

Tuesday to Sunday 10hs to 20hs
Free admission