creative city international fair


Stand 1. Technologies To The People
Stand 2. Electroboutique
Stand 3. Recetas Urbanas
Stand 4. Ready.Scapes
Stand 5. Ulises I
Stand 6. Time Notes Bank
Stand 7. Transnational Republic
Stand 8. DemoKino
Stand 9. Molleindustria
Stand 10. Artvertiser
Stand 11. Smart Citizen
Stand 12. Chic Point
Stand 13. TaxiLink
Stand 14. Burak Arikan

Stand 1.
Technologies To The People
Daniel García Andújar

Technologies To The People is a company that bases its work on a self-sustainable model for the provision of services and citizen support. Its methods and technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM) for social collectives and NGOs have enjoyed international recognition since 1994. Its information department is at the forefront of stealthy intrusion techniques, data collection, communications and strategic supervision, tactical control, G2 systems, etc. Its latest projects for “15M”, “Yo Soy 132”, “Occupy”, “Idle No More”, “Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad”, “Movilización estudiantil en Chile”, “Indian anti-corruption movement”, to name a few, and its campaigns “Hacking for a Better World” and “Hacks For a Cause” are key in this field, and have received prizes and awards from many universities and institutions focusing on human and citizen rights.
Creative City Fair ® is a joint venture between
Psychoeconomy and Technologies To The People.

Creative City International Fair Cibeles 2013/14
CentroCentro. Plaza de Cibeles, 1. 28014 Madrid | t +34 91 480 00 08